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Get Healthy And Stay Beautiful

Beauty is not just what you see on one’s face. It is what the person is on the whole. However, not everyone perceives beauty this way and as a result- one needs to tend to the way they look. Though makeup can help to a great extent, one needs to ensure they take good care of themselves too, so that the skin and body on the whole are healthy and beautiful. Our World Is Beauty and we are the beautiful creatures in it that forget to take care of themselves. Here are a few ways one can take care of themselves, even on a busy day:

Time Out

For those who are always on their toes, running around and not having time to distress or relax after a long day, make it a point to take some time out on a daily basis. This ensures your body recovers from the adrenaline rush you are having and relaxes. When your body is relaxed and gets a break, it shows on your face. You look calmer and happier.


Drinking a lot of water is very good for the body and skin. When the body is dehydrated, not only does your skin look dry and unhealthy, but the muscles on the inside suffer too. Drink up to 4 liters of water a day, consciously and your body will get better. The pores on your skin will tighten up, get cleaner and leave you with a younger and fresher looking face. When your skin is supple and fresh, you need very little makeup to hide the flaws and look good. Skin blemishes fade, giving way to a younger looking skin that breathes and glows.


Scrubbing may seem unnecessary for many but it is essential. Not just your face, but for the whole body. When we step out, we are exposed to a number of impurities in the atmosphere and they tend to latch on to our skin. Over a period of time, it makes the skin look dull and lifeless. When you scrub, this tough layer or dirt and dead skin is removed, giving way to fresh skin underneath.

However one must take care when they scrub. Scrubbing too often could strip your skin of essential oils and make it look patchy and abused. When you feel your skin is not responding well, stay off the scrub for a while. Giving your skin a break from this can do a lot of good to it. Scrubbing does not require too much of your time. just a few minutes extra in the shower and your skin will thank you enough by glowing and making you look better than ever.


Watch what you eat. Binging on junk food will not only affect those stomach muscles and make you load up on weight on your thighs, but will ruin your skin too. Too much of junk food can make your skin oily and cause breakouts. No amount of makeup can cover up all the break outs, at all times. When you eat clean, your health is well taken care of and the skin gets better from inside. Food rich in nutrients and fiber can be very good for the whole body and mind. When you eat healthy, your body feels better and in turn you will look healthier and happier.


  • Exercising regularly will get your heart pumping and body sweating. When you sweat it all out, your skin will look better fresher. Sweating helps in getting rid of all the dirt in your pores and opens them up.

  • This reduces the chances of developing skin blemished and wrinkles – two main factors that can make you look old. No matter how busy your schedule is, set aside a few minutes a week to exercise.

  • Just a few stretches and running in the morning will suffice. Once you start allocating more time for yourself, you can progress to heavier workouts. One can exercise at home or at office too.

  • There are a number of videos online that show you the different exercises you can do at your desk or at home while watching T.V. when one wants to exercise and stay fir, there is no room for excuses.